Fall Workshops 2022

Acrylic Pouring  | $85

In this two-hour workshop we will create three acrylic paint pouring pieces! We will explore different techniques to create different effects. This workshop is open to all levels.


August 27th  11am-1pm

October 29th 11am-1pm

Alcohol Inks | $60

In this workshop, we will learn different techniques used in alcohol ink paintings. Each participant will receive 2 sheets of Yupo paper to explore and create. Towards the ends of the workshop students will apply what they learned to create their own piece!


September 3rd 11am-1pm

Mommy and Me  |  $45/per pair

Join us for a special Mommy & Me workshop! In this workshop, Mommy and child will create one piece of artwork together by painting and collaging.

From ages 3+

October 15th 10am-11am


Workshops must be booked in advance.


Watercolors |  $45

In this beginner watercolor workshop we will create this botanical watercolor painting. Participants will learn about different painting techniques and application. Join us as we explore this fun and beautiful medium!


September 24th 11am-1pm

Our Other Workshops

We'll be offering these additional workshops throughout the year. Please signup for our mailing list to stay updated on availability.

  • Candle Making

  • Advanced Acrylic Pouring 

  • String Art

  • Embroidery

  • Stain Glass

  • Mommy & Me

  • Date Night for adults with disabilities

       and much more!


Any of the above can also be scheduled as a private workshop event at anytime. Please contact info@studio23atlanta.com for more information.