Meet Our Staff



Owner / Youth & Adult Instructor/ Neuro Art Instructor


My name is Amberly and I am the owner of Studio 23 Atlanta. I received my B.F.A in Painting from SCAD and love to create work in different media. I opened Studio 23 with the mission to create a studio for students of all ages, abilities, and levels to learn and create. I teach all age-ranges and work with students on the autism spectrum and other neurological disorders. 




Tinkerbell is our Full-time Greeter and Host. She love snacks, pets, and sitting with students while they work. 



Youth and Adult Instructor

Hello, everyone! I graduated from SCAD with my MFA painting, so naturally I love to draw and paint and occasionally sculpt. I am an encouraging and fun teacher with patience and the desire to help you do your best.

Now.. let's make some art! 



Youth and Adult Instructor


My name is Sierra, and I am currently pursuing a B.F.A in Drawing and Painting at Kennesaw State University. Over the course of my education I've discovered a love for studying art, which led me to minoring in Art History. During these art history courses, I have found a desire to teach and share an appreciation of art with others. From an early age, art was the center of my attention, and I always dreamed of a career involving it. Pursuing this passion has led me to Studio 23, where I plan and create art projects for people of all ages to enjoy and appreciate! Being at the art studio has provided me a goal, which is to teach others to love art and have FUN while doing it.


Animation Instructor

When I was very young, I was terrified of Stop-Motion animation - something about it rubbed me the wrong way. Some twenty years later, and I work with it in some form nearly every single day! I graduated SCAD with a BFA in Animation in 2018, and have done animation work for MikeRoweWorks and the Center for Puppetry Arts, and had work exhibited at Atlanta's very own Plaza Theater and the fabulous Fox Theater! I coordinate and host animation workshops, focusing primarily on Stop-Motion fabrication and animation, as well as exploring storyboarding and character design. I love getting the chance to give young and enthusiastic artists an opportunity to explore the fascinating world of animation and bring their amazing stories and characters to life, giving them a chance to share their unique voice and ideas with the world.