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Adult Art Classes

At Studio 23, our focus is on our students and helping them anyway that we can. We teach in depth technique and do our best to show each participant individual support. Because of this, our classes have a maximum of 6 participants per class.  

* Sign up for 2 courses and receive $50 off the second course! *

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Oil Painting - 5week Course - $165 

In this 5-week course, participants will learn to paint with oils and the different mediums that are used with the paint. Participants will learn to paint "alla prima", glazing, and other techniques that can be applies several guided class paintings.

Open to ALL levels!

Begins Monday,February 24th - meets every Monday from 7-9pm

Step-by-Step Acrylic Painting - 6week Course - $175 

In this 6-week course, we will create several acrylic paintings that are focused around themes of nature. We will create paintings on landscapes, waterscapes, floral elements, and more. This course is led in a step-by-step format each painting. Participants will lean about composition, color mixing, and various painting techniques.

This course is open to all levels.

Begins Tuesday, March 3rd - meets every Tuesday from 7-9pm

Watercolor Painting - 6week Course - $185 

In this 6-week course, students will practice watercolor painting through various techniques and applications. This course is formatted as 4 guided class paintings and the final 2 classes are for the students to pick their own subject matter. 

This course is open to all levels - beginners welcome!

Begins Wednesday, March 11th - meets every Wednesday from 7-9pm

Portrait Drawing and Painting- 8week Course - $210 

In this 8-week course, participants will learn and practice their skills on portraiture. This course will be divided as 4 weeks of drawing and 4 weeks on painting. Participants will learn to draw portraits with accurate proportions, mix different skin tones, paint facial features, and learning to capture the likeness of who they are painting.

Open to ALL levels – no experience required!

Begins Thursday, March 26th - meets every Thursday from 7-9pm 

Artist Study and Famous Artworks- 6week Course - $175 

In this 6-week course, students are introduced to some of the world’s most famous artists and their masterpieces. Learn about and create works by Monet, Picasso, Van Gogh, and more! This is a great class for those interested in technique and art history.

This course is open to all levels.

Begins Monday,April 6th - meets every Monday from 7-9pm

Color Pencil Drawing- 5week Course - $155 

In this 5-week course, we will practice drawing and shading with color pencils. Learn about value, color, color layering, and different techniques used with color pencil. Students will be guided through several drawings in a step-by-step format.

This course is open to all levels.

Begins Tuesday,April  21st - meets every Tuesday from 7-9pm

Open Studio - 5week Course - $110 

In this 5-week course students are free to work at their own pace on their own projects with the guidance of an instructor. This course is great for those who are experienced with fine art or those who would like to try something new. Community based and you can enroll at any time! 

Supplies not included. 
Students can add an additional $45 supply fee for unlimited supply use for this course. (Fee due at the start of each 5-week course.) 


Choose between Tuesday or Friday evenings from 7-9pm. 

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